9tailed Studios

Who we Are

9tailed Studios is a video game and software studio started with a sense of purpose and a passion for quality in games and software. Our first project, currently titled Vulpes Divinus, was the inspiration to form a team dedicated to collaborating on this project and projects like this.

We are a Christian game studio, and we seek to glorify God through our projects. We seek to provide joy through mentally stimulating gameplay and meaningful stories that reflect higher truths. We seek to avoid heavy-handed metaphors in favor of subtle parallels in stories that have value in and of themselves. We love Scripture, and we take inspiration from it and the values it communicates, but our stories are not derivatives of it. Instead of writing narratives that are one-to-one copies of Bible stories, we write stories to be true, good, and beautiful in their own unique way.

Unlike some Christian groups that seek to make their games as "safe" and "sanitized" as possible, we want to tell realistic stories that may contain some gritty elements that aren't meant for young children. You can be assured that our games won't contain obscenity or any positive portrayal of evil, but we do write stories that deal with dark and heavy subject matters. As such, we target a more teenage and mature audience.